Welcome Back

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Where do I begin?

It’s been almost 5 months since I’ve written here… Oh the journey that has been had these past few months. Time flies…

It would take all of my time, energy, and battery power today to write an entry that shares all of the life lessons and memories I’ve had recently. I loved it when I was in the habit of writing here consistently, but these days, my focus has been on the twins and prepping for my next journey. So today, I’ll ‘dip my toes back in the water,’ and maybe more entries will follow…

I’m sure I’ll one day write about my amazing experience being a nanny to 3 amazing kiddos, but to do this, I’ll need to find a day when I have nothing planned (does that even exist?). I’m feeling very rusty with writing so I’ll keep this post short. I’ve been writing almost every day in my journals, pen to paper, but the blog feels a bit foreign to me.

As Stephen King recommends when it comes to writing: just start.

So here I am, starting again.

Why am I picking it back up again today? Feels like a fresh start in the story of my life. After driving 12 hours yesterday, I made it to California where it always feels like a perfect Summer day. Vitamin D is underrated.

While I wandered through a Redwood forest, I hit a symbolic reset button. This West Coast road trip is a journey of connection, self-exploration, and making my visions come to life. It’s good to be back…

Now off to actually go dip my toes in the water…

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