What a Coincidence

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ahhhh, fresh start. I am oddly fascinated by New Year’s Resolutions – I also tend to take them very seriously. One of my resolutions last year was to step out of my comfort zone. Welp, safe to say I succeeded with that resolution! So now we embark on 2018. New Year, New Resolutions. 

Here are my resolutions for this next year…and life (writing them down here will help me commit and hold me accountable):

1. Drink more water.
2. Focus on dreams.
3. Write something every day…even if it’s just a quote in my notebook.
4. No drinking (unless event, limit to 1-2 drinks).
5. Most importantly: Trust the Process.

I may delve deeper into my resolutions another time, but for this entry, I really want to write about coincidences…

I’ve had a series of coincidences happen recently that are making me feel giddy and excited for each day. There are countless books and blogs that discuss the significance of coincidences (also: synchronicity, serendipity, providence, and fate) and when I started digesting the information, coincidences started popping up all over the place. One of the greatest books I’ve read on coincidences is “Sidewalk Oracles” by Robert Moss – it is like candy for the mind. Sure, you can shrug every coincidence off and use the negative connotation: “It’s just a coincidence” (i.e. It doesn’t mean anything). OR, you can look at each little coincidence and smile from it. Another book I’ve read about coincidences is called “When God Winks” by SQuire Rushnell. To sum this book up in one sentence: “If you experience a coincidence, it means you’re moving in the right direction.” Alright coincidences, bring ’em on!

So I have two coincidences that I’m still in awe of that have happened this past week.

1. On Tuesday, I visited Portland, OR and went to one of my all-time happy places: Powell’s – City of Books. My goal was to purchase one book recommended to me by my friend’s Mom, and also purchase another book that I would stumble across. I love to go into bookstores and follow my intuition – I’m usually drawn to a particular section, then I check out about 15-20 different books until I come across ‘the one.’ Usually when I pick out the right book, I just know it – it’s odd, but the same thing can be done picking out an outfit, a meal, or even a partner in life! So once I picked up the book recommended to me, it was time to let my intuition lead me to my second book. I walked immediately to the dream section and I’m pretty sure I looked at about 25 different dream books. “No. No. No. No. No….” None of them were speaking to me – and then I picked up a book called, “The Three ‘Only’ Things.” “YES.” I flipped through the pages and saw chapters on coincidences, dreams, and imagination. “YES YES YES.” Then I looked at the author… Robert Moss. The same man who wrote my favorite book: Sidewalk Oracles. Hmmmmm, what a coincidence! [big grin on my face]

Another minor coincidence regarding Robert Moss – I looked up his website to see if he was doing any speaking engagements anywhere near me. He’s from Australia and lives in New York, so I had a feeling I wouldn’t have much luck. Turns out, he must be very drawn to Washington, because he has several retreats (and Dream Teacher trainings) in DUVALL, WASHINGTON. What. Are. The. Odds?? 

2. Now this second coincidence still gives me chills. On my way back to Seattle from Vancouver, I wanted to do a driving meditation. I quickly searched on Spotify to see if there were any guided meditations on driving. Almost every single guided meditation instructs you to lay down and close your eyes. I wanted something that was specific to being behind the wheel. I happened to find one that is actually intended for use while on the road. It was a 15-minute meditation on the podcast called “10% Happier with Dan Harris.” I didn’t know this at the time, but Dan Harris happens to be an ABC News anchor who discovered meditation after he had a panic attack live on-air.

I’m so happy I listened to that meditation because it completely changed my 3-hour drive. I was driving mindfully, noticing all the rushed people zipping by me, feeling content with driving the speed limit, and relaxing my usually-tense neck muscles. I arrived in Lake Forest Park and realized that those 3 hours flew by.

The next day, I was talking with Kris in the living room and she mentioned that she usually catches up on The Daily Show the day after it airs to see the monologue and any guests she finds interesting. She said that the previous night’s guest was indeed interesting and that I should check out the interview. 

“The guest’s name is Dan Harris and he’s written a book…”

[I know that name. Hmmmm…The DaVinci Code. Maybe he’s written a new book.]

“…and he wrote a book on meditation called ‘10% Happier.'”

[WHOA. Whoa.whoa.whoa. Not Dan Brown, the author of The DaVinci Code…Dan HARRIS, the same guy I listened to a day ago in my car!!]

What a coincidence!

So I, of course, watched the interview and loved what he had to say about meditation. The biggest takeaway: even ONE MINUTE of meditation a day can work its magic. I used to think that meditation can only happen in a dark, quiet room, with my legs crossed and my thumbs touching my pointer fingers. This isn’t necessarily the case. You can meditate anywhere, any time…even for a minute. You can even meditate in your car…

Can’t wait to see what other coincidences will pop up. I’m enjoying 2018 thus far and remembering to Trust the Process. I hope you’re having a great 2018 so far and you hold on to your resolutions. It’s going to be a good year…

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