The Great Gunung Agung

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Here we go again…

Agung alert level is back at the highest level: 4. For a while, we were at level 2 and things were back to normal. But now, we’re back into that dazed, what-the-hell-is-going-to-happen phase. Agung has erupted twice, but they’ve been called “cold eruptions.” No magma…yet. The plumes of smoke are absolutely beautiful to look at. It’s quite a spectacle to be seen.

I don’t feel in danger, but my heart is aching for the refugees who have to leave their homes yet again and simply…wait. Wait until “The Main Event.” The word is that there will be a larger eruption with lava, a big BOOM, and an earthquake. Could happen at any point – some are even saying tonight. But who really knows?!

The energies around Amed are totally split. There are the people (mostly locals) who are calm and aren’t worried. Then there are the others who are panicking and want to evacuate immediately. 

The people who are afraid? They’re constantly checking their phones for photos, videos, news updates, and reports. It’s good to be informed, but I started going down a bad spiral when I started looking at the news and reading all the details about what could happen and what happened in the last eruption. It scared the shit out of me. I went back into that mental state I had a couple months ago where I was too afraid to even take my shoes off in bed.

Thankfully, I’ve got some great people in my life that nudged me back into positivity. 

“Worry will only damage and burden your mind.”

Detour in my story:

Since I’ve been in Bali, I’ve had a couple dreams with snakes in them. It’s all subjective, but I’ve read that dreaming of snakes could mean that healing and transformation are taking place (sounds about right). I’ve been facing so many fears by moving to Bali. Stepping out of my comfort zone, moving to a place where I know only a couple people, don’t know how to drive a scooter, the list goes on. But I faced my fears and have been embracing every experience 100%. So when I came across a GIANT snake at Tirta Gangga the other day, I screamed and ran away from it. And then I my intuition said, “Don’t be afraid. Face your fear and step closer.”

Snakes have appeared in my dreams, and now here was one right in front of me. I knew I had to ‘pet’ it. So I looked in it’s eyes and pet it. This may sound weird, but the snake was actually really sweet. I tried to imagine what the snake was thinking. What if a snake was like a dog? What if it really likes being pet? But we are told that snakes are scary so everyone runs away from them… I wish I could be like Harry Potter and speak with it. How I overcame my fear was by pretending I could hear him and he had a Goofy-like voice: “Don’t be afraid of me – I promise I won’t bite you. I look a lot scarier than I am! I just like to cuddle!” I know, sort of ridiculous, but it worked. So I pet him and his skin was so incredibly soft and smooth. I was extremely surprised with my experience – and so happy I got over my fear. Now, I’m not about to go buy a snake as a pet, but I’m going to remember that snakes aren’t going to eat me whole like I previously thought. Snakes have feelings too…

Can you believe it? I PET THIS SNAKE AND I LIKED IT!

Back on track:

We are told through millions of messages what to think; through people, social media, news, etc. What is scary – who is good and who is bad – what is going to happen – how to feel. But ultimately, the truth is your own experience. 

Today has been very normal. I woke up to sunshine and it was a beautiful day. Yesterday, I sat on the beach and watched the Apple Cup with my parents on FaceTime (Go Dawgs!!). Sure, there happened to be an erupting volcano in the background, but it felt 100% okay. It was actually very fun! 

So going forward, the eruption(s) could become a lot more serious, but I’m choosing to be happy, calm, and not let worry take over. Who knows what will happen? Right now, I’m sitting in the yoga shala with a couple of my friends after enjoying a nice meal. It sounds weird to say this about an erupting volcano, but it’s very magnificent. We cannot control what Mother Nature does and no matter what happens, we will adapt to the situation. There is no other choice. 

A common theme throughout my blog is “Go with the flow.” So that’s what I’m going to do regarding Gunung Agung. The lava is simply going to go where it’s going to go…we must as well. 

I am safe and I will try to keep everyone posted if/when anything happens! 

Besides, if the cat is relaxing, so should I!

One comment

  1. So glad your safe and well my friend. You are much braver than me. I dont think I could pet a snake like that for a million bucks! Ha ha. How did u know it wasn’t poisoness?


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