Eat, Yoga, Love

Saturday, November 4th, 2017


How is it already almost 2018??? I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – time blows me away. Especially in Bali – I swear it totally slows down…and then the next thing you know, it’s a whole new month. It’s been a very long time since I’ve written and it hasn’t been because I didn’t want to. It’s because life was happening in a really magical way. I had been consistently writing and it surprisingly takes a lot of time. The past couple of weeks, I wanted to keep living and not pause life to update my online journal. I knew there would be a good day to sit down and write again. That day is today.

The last time I wrote, I was still in Singapore. As soon as I got back to Bali, I felt like I was back home again. It was so odd going from such a futuristic, orderly place back to a slower pace of life. Back to a place where I could be completely myself.

In August, before I left for Bali, I was sure I would practice yoga more than ever before. That’s what people do in Bali, right?! I was slightly confused when 2 months had passed in Bali, and I had only done 2 yoga classes. I was just never really in the mood for it and I didn’t know why. So one random night, the little voice in my head told me to go to yoga. I don’t know why, but I was super motivated that night to go to a class. So I did, and it was the best decision I ever made.

I headed to Life in Amed, a cute boutique hotel in my favorite village in Amed – Lean Village. They said class would be a little more expensive this particular week because there was a retreat happening. I was a little hesitant and almost went back home in order to save my money…but then I met the teacher, Tiffany, and she shared the retreat calendar with me. Her hair is rainbow colored and the retreat’s theme was all about chakras. No way was I going to go home…

The night that I randomly decided to go to a yoga class happened to be the very first night of the Yin Yang Retreat. I was definitely meant to be there.

Yoga, women who refer to themselves as Goddesses, burning sage, tea, healthy meals based on each chakra, sound bowls, massages, crystals, excursions, and bonds that were magical. The first night was an extremely stormy night and I’ll never forget that yoga class. It was POURING RAIN. It was absolutely wild. But it was the most perfect night. During savasana was when the rain came down the hardest. I was getting completely drenched, but I embraced it. And because this is how everything works in Bali – as soon as we came out of savasana, the rain completely stopped. What I loved was that instead of everyone saying, “Well that was interesting timing! What a coincidence!” Our teachers Tiffany and Monica both talked about the energy we created and how the storm was a result of it. These are my kind of people.

Lots of people would think everything we went through is hokus pokus and silly. But to us? The retreat was completely magical. We all spoke the same ‘language.’ We believe in magic and that the Universe is guiding us through life. The retreat was 9 days and we created lifelong friendships and I am so grateful I listened to that little voice in my head that stormy night.

Since so much time has passed since I’ve written, there are so many things I’d like to share. If I shared the story for each photo, though, this post would turn into a novel. So I have a fun little challenge for myself. For each photo, I’ll only use 10 or less words for the captions. Here we goooooo.

Super Trees are the Space Needles of Singapore.

Traditional fare with Tiger Beer in Singapore. DELICIOUS.

Met in Bali. Reunited in Singapore. So happy.

Back in Bali. Villa Candi Matahari = happy place.

Mila in pain. Prayed then healed. Big ceremony as thanks.

Two of my very favorite little humans ever.

First meal of yoga retreat. Root chakra. Gado Gado.

New friendships that will last forever.

Sacral Chakra meal. Could eat daily.

Backyard BBQ. Grilled mackerel. When staff turns into friends.

Last night at Villa. Megibung. Dance party. Best night ever.

Balinese family photo. So much love.

Solar Plexus Chakra meal. Warriors.

Back to Diver’s Cafe. Lucky room #7. Home.

Heart Chakra meal. Full and happy heart.

Welcoming new wonderful friends into retreat. Meant to be.

Throat Chakra meal. Favorite. Eating a rainbow.

Life in Amed.

Creative break.

Color, sand, and glitter. All I need.

Anticipating the rush. Every moment can be fun.

But taking that step and flying is the best part.

A morning that would make anyone believe in magic.

Agung alert level downgraded. Back to normal. Hallelujah.

Yoga with kids. FAVORITE DAY. SO HAPPY.

Craft time. Paper crowns. STILL SO HAPPY.

The Kings and Queens of Amed. LOVE.

Queen Tiffany passing on her rainbow magic.

Last day of retreat. Loving life.

Soul sisters. So grateful.

New neighbor. Her lucky room #8.

Poetry slam in Ubud. Complete with snaps.

Yoga and Writing workshop. Reader and Writer’s Festival. Inspired.

Group poem. I love it.

Family. Monkeys are just like us. We’re just like monkeys.

Look up at the light.

Appreciating my feet and where they have taken me.

Les Waterfall. Scooter gang. Time warp. Cleansing.



  1. Love Love Love that you look so happy and radiant with your new friends!! Love your photo comments…so clever and fun. Yes your feet have taken you many places LOL!! And love the monkey family!!

    What a beautiful life you are leading!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MO, I cant tell you how happy and inspired you make me to watch your incredible journey through your beautiful words and pictures. Im so happy for you. Much Love to you. 💟💟💟



  3. What a lovely life you are living in Bali. How are you supporting yourself darling? Living on savings or working or???

    Love you Babs


    1. Babs! I miss you!! I actually managed to save a lot of money – and it is CHEAP to be here. Living and eating is very, VERY affordable. Money goes a long way here! You should put it on your list! 😉 Love you, Sugar!


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