Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Well that didn’t last long…

My challenge of going 5 days without technology lasted only a half day… I’ll write in more detail later, but want to send out a quick post. All day yesterday and all through the night I was feeling tremors – little earthquakes. My room would shake and my heart would stop every time, I started keeping track and they occurred about once or twice an hour. It was as if there was this constant rumble – like I could feel these tiny vibrations passing through the Earth. And with each shake, there was a deep base sound…and *feeling.*

The large volcano, Mt. Agung, is showing lots of activity and officials have raised the alert level and have started evacuating people close to the volcano. I am safe in Amed…at least that’s what they say…

I’ve never experienced earthquake tremors before, so they’re likely small and I don’t have reason to feel anxious. Buthaving never experienced an earthquake, I didn’t get a minute of sleep last night. Given how the world is behaving and the recent hurricanes, fires, and earthquake, my mind quickly went to the worst possible scenario. I thought I left “The Big One” in Seattle, and here I am in Bali actually feeling earthquakes! Go figure…

Later in the evening, I really debated whether I should break my technology challenge…and then another shake of my room and I immediately FaceTimed my family. I give technology quite a bit of shit…but last night proved that technology is invaluable. I am grateful that I was able to connect with loved ones who kept me sane and calm.

Today has been fine – definitely have felt more tremors, but everyone was going about their day like normal, so I did too. It’s when it gets dark that I feel a bit more scared. My neighbor has been away, so it was extra hard not having a person I could be with during all the shakes. Crossing my fingers she actually comes back tonight.

It was totally surreal packing a ‘go-bag’ with lights, water, and snacks. I think I got a little delirious in the middle of the night because I added my peanut butter and incense to the bag…you never know…  It got even more surreal when I was having serious conversations with the staff about the possibilities and an evacuation route. I don’t necessarily worry about a volcano eruption, I’m more worried about an earthquake. The buildings here aren’t necessarily the finest craftsmanship, so a lot of the buildings would flatten like a pancake. 

Well anywho…I’m going to continue on with my day and do my best to not have any fear or worry. Fear doesn’t change anything. I am safe and I am prepared for whatever happens (God forbid). And maybe all that happens…is nothing. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’ll wait until the tremors stop to finally disconnect from technology. Didn’t think that would be a sentence I’d ever write.

Love you all and please keep Bali in your thoughts! Mother Nature is definitely talking…


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