Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

The other day I was invited by Tane who works at Diver’s Cafe to join him and his friends to a “megibung.” A megibung is essentially a feast with all the food in the center of a circle and everyone sits on the ground to eat. It represents togetherness. I was so excited to experience a tradition specific to the Eastern side of the island.

I got to the beach at sunset and Tane and his friends had 7 fish that were caught earlier in the day ready to be grilled. I watched as they prepared the grill and the fish…it was obvious they do this all the time. Normally I’d be grossed out, but I was kind of in awe with how simple they made everything look.

Once the fish were fully cooked, they placed them on top of two huge banana leaves with rice and a spicy sauce. They brought a fork and spoon for me, but I opted to eat with my hands. When in Bali…

It has definitely been one of my favorite meals while here. It was not only delicious, but it was so much fun. There were 10 of us all circled around, eating in this sort of primal way, and all laughing under the stars. They even built a fire on the beach and it reminded me of the PNW. Didn’t have the same incredible smell as forest campfires, but I still managed to get lost in the flames like usual.

Then came the music… I could not stop laughing during all of their singing. They were having a complete blast – sure, they were sometimes off key, and definitely off beat, but it was so. much. fun. And believe it or not, no alcohol had been consumed! Just a good ol’ time.

The next night was pretty much the polar opposite of the megibung, but equally wonderful. Yang –> Yin. My first yoga class while here…can’t believe it took me that long to get to a class. The yin yoga class was held at Ocean Prana in this little open-air hut during sunset. As I walked in, I saw this man covered in tattoos sitting completely still and meditating. I knew this place was legit. Turned out, he was the teacher. There were only 4 of us and the class was as basic as ever. About 6 poses, all held for 4-5 minutes each. A few times, I caught myself thinking that this was too simple. Too easy. He guided us into each pose and then we would just sit. I’m used to classes where we’re guided how to breathe, what to think about, and setting intentions. This class was literally: Pigeon Pose. Hold 5 minutes. Other side. Hold 5 minutes.

Lots and lots of time for my head to think. A couple of times, he’d remind us to “Let go.” “Breathe in positivity.” So simple, but so effective. Then we held our hands in prayer position and placed them over our heart. “Everything we do will come from love.” We moved our prayer hands over our mouth. ย “We will speak only with kindness.” Finally, our hands moved over our forehead – our third eye. “We will always think positive thoughts and listen to ourselves. We will connect with the Universe and know that we are all One.”

“Enjoy your evening and have a wonderful dinner.”

It was so simple, but I felt so rejuvenated after a lazy day of napping and eating. I knew whatever I did after this yoga class would be positively impacted by the mental workout. I went to dinner across the street at a warung called “Amed Kedai – One Love.” I ended up talking with a local who grew up in Amed and learned how to speak English from Australians and British people. It was really cool to hear him say certain English words in an Australian accent and then switch to a British accent. It was awesome going over Indonesian words and as I was listing off words and phrases I knew, he said, “You know quite a bit!” I kept going and even thought to myself, “Holy moly, I do know more words than I would have thought after a month. Whoa! Immersion is working!”

After the delicious meal and my Indonesian lesson, I went home and had the best night sleep ever. Thank you, Yoga.


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