Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Back at my favorite spot. The homestay with the ‘bookstore’ in front of it. I remember packing for Bali and reeeeally struggling with which books to bring. I couldn’t bring many so I had to be very selective with what I brought. As I was browsing through Ganeshamed, I found one of my favorite books, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” I paid a buck for it and will save it for a day with no plans. Hmmm, so maybe tomorrow!

Today’s adventure was going to the market in Amlapura. Not quite the same as Pike Place, but still had that intimate market feel.

Huge selection of anything you could need. My senses were on overload with all the colors. And everything I ended up purchasing is on my list of “Things Cheaper Than a Starbucks Tall White Mocha.”

Snake fruit (sort of looks like garlic, but it’s sweet and tasty like a Jolly Rancher), one dragon fruit, and incense (dupa). All together this was 50,000 rp (less than $4).

And for lunch, this was consumed. Gado Gado. Spicy coconut sauce with rice, pork, and peanuts. This combined with water, pork in banana leaves, pineapple juice, and a bag of peanuts was 30,000 rp (a little over $2). INSANE.

I’m eating so much more here than I used to in America. Before I came here, I never ate breakfast. It was always a $5.21 Starbucks Tall White Mocha. Ha! But here, breakfast is served for free so I don’t want to pass that up. I usually wake up at 6:00am like I did in Seattle, but instead of getting ready for work, I sit on my deck or the beach to watch the sunrise. Then at 7:15am, I sit at the restaurant and get my cup of coffee with whatever selection of breakfast I feel like. 

Throughout the day, I eat various Balinese meals. I’m loving the special juices here. Made from scratch – juice from limes (they call them lemons here) mixed with honey, mint, orange or ginger. I have eaten a ton of rice and chicken, but I haven’t gotten sick of it…yet. Curries, sandwiches, fruits, noodles, and more. The odd thing is that during all this constant eating, I’m still losing weight. I think with the walking, the heat, and the fact that I’m eating real food is shedding a couple pounds. Plus, I’ve barely even touched dairy since I’ve been here (only the milk in my coffee…which by the way, they heat up the milk so it doesn’t cool down your coffee. Genius!). I’ve eaten so damn much, but my body just feels so clean. I miss cheese, eggs Benedict, Mexican food…but I’m somehow surviving without it.

It’s odd that Tuesday evening is upon me, but all my friends and family are still sound asleep in America. By the time you read this, hope you have an amazing, delicious Tuesday too! XO


    1. Really, really well! Surprisingly. All really healthy food and nothing processed. I think my body is thanking me for that. πŸ™‚ p.s. I MISS YOU!!! Xoxo


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