Sunday, August 27th, 2017

A while back I wrote about “Notes from the Universe.” My friend Kait told me about it and I immediately signed up. Each day I receive an e-mail with a positive message that makes me feel like, “Yes! Magical things CAN happen!” They’re kind of cheesy, but I’ve grown to absolutely love them. And I feel like they’re part of the reason I am here.

The other day, I got my e-mail from ‘The Universe’ and this one seemed to stand out.

“Odd, isn’t it, how folks will look back to great milestones in their life – to when they met someone, fortuitously changed careers, or were somehow found to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time – and consider such incidents turning points?

Because actually, Andrea, the real turning points in any life always occur well before such manifestations, in the moments when they finally began thinking, speaking, and behaving like never before.

Hey, it works –

The Universe

p.s. Then, the inevitable serendipities that will follow – chance encounters, thrilling work, and breakfast in bed – are just a matter of us (in the unseen) rearranging the “furniture” of their lives, Andrea, setting them up for some magic. (Yeah, talk about the right place at the right time… More syrup?)”

I thought back to when my turning points have been. It’s awesome that I have proof of when I started thinking, speaking, behaving, and believing.

I can’t describe the feeling upon reading that post again. It’s all coming true…

At this moment, I’m writing and enjoying a delicious juice while watching the waves roll in.

What are you thinking about? Why Not do it?


  1. My secret for today!!

    The Secret: Daily Teachings

    Remember that you are a magnet, attracting everything to you. When you have gotten clear in your mind about what you want, you have become a magnet to draw those things to you, and those things you want are magnetized to you in return. The more you practice and begin to see the law of attraction bringing things to you, the greater the magnet you will become, because you will add the power of faith, belief, and knowing.

    Rick Jewett
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