Settled In

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Uhhhhh, where do I even begin??

First of all, it already feels like I’ve been in Bali forever, but it hasn’t even been 3 full days…

The travel day was exhausting. First flight = 12 hours. 5 hour layover. Second flight = 5 hours. Line for customs = 1 hour. Drive to Amed = 3 hours. Over 24 hours to get to the other side of the world…

I checked in to my room at Diver’s Cafe and there was already confusion from the beginning. Because of my tooth pulling delay, they thought I had cancelled, not postponed. So they put me in room #2, which was right next to the street. They said they’d move me to my ‘permanent’ room the next day. There was extra confusion when I couldn’t tell them how many days I was staying. I’m in the habit now of just saying, “I don’t know. Many.”

I immediately passed out and it was only 8pm local time. I woke up to the hustle and bustle and actually kind of enjoyed it. Roosters, motorbikes, and the sound of sweeping. They sweep here…a lot. I almost told them I didn’t need to move rooms, buuuut I let them anyway.

I’m really glad they did. I was worried I’d lose my sliver of a view, but when they led me to my new room, we kept climbing back and up. I have the top corner room of the ‘hotel’ and it is better than I can imagine.

To make it even better, the room they put me in happens to be my favorite number. Lucky #7. Meant to be.

Epic room + free breakfast every day + pool + air conditioning + wi-fi. $18.75 a day. I can’t really believe it myself.

So the past couple of days, I’ve done a lot, but I’ve also had a lot of time with doing nothing. Just sitting and enjoying the view. I took a couple very long walks to try to get the lay of the land. Walking isn’t super common around here, I’ve noticed. I know I get a lot of looks because I’m white and have blonde hair…but I think I was also getting a lot of looks because I was walking instead of riding a scooter or being driven. I’m trying to take this all very, very slowly. Riding a scooter on my first day would have been way too much for me to handle. So walking it is.

My first real night, I had dinner at Sunset Point with my friend who lives here, Golo. It has been so great to have him help me get settled in and show me the real Bali. As I was watching the sunset, I had a couple moments where I got a tid bit emotional. Last time I was in Bali, I was with some of my closest friends. Now I’m on a solo “Grand Adventure” and it’s a completely different experience. I’m not the most outgoing person, so it will take me some time to meet people and make friends. Plus, I’m on day 3 and I have yet to hear someone speaking English as their native language.

I’m very grateful for Golo as well as Paul and Stacy who I’ve already spent a good amount of time with. And at this moment? I’m so happy to be here. I’m at a restaurant that I picked simply because it has a library in it (room full of tourist’s books they’ve left). I’m looking out at the ocean, there’s a pool next to me (many restaurants have pools and you can swim in them if you purchase anything), and I’m eating spaghetti (spaghetti is huge here for some odd reason…and damn tasty). Life is good.

Today I spent the day snorkeling and I rented a scooter. The snorkeling in my ‘front yard’ is out of this world. I’m sure I’ll write much more about snorkeling as I go on because it may be a daily activity for me. I’m in awe with the world below the surface. As for the scooter, it’s going to take some time for me to get comfortable on the Bali roads. I’ve already seen one woman fall to the side because her scooter was too heavy and she was going too slow. I pray that I don’t experience a mishap on my scooter. One day at a time…

Oh, and I’ve decided to start a list called “Things Cheaper Than a Starbucks Tall White Mocha.”

Today we have mie goreng and a Bintang. About $4.00, including tip.

I still can’t really believe I’m here.

And I definitely can’t believe that I wake up to this view.

Ahhh, settling in nicely.


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