Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Instead of sitting in Bali right now like I was supposed to be, I’m still in Seattle. But you know what? I’m so happy I am. Feels like that damn little tooth was meant to wreak havoc so I could get it pulled…and have a couple more days in the Pacific Northwest. Because of this extra time I was given, I was able to see some of my very favorite people and simply have more time to get ready. That fear and doubt I felt last week was short-lived, thank GOODNESS. All I feel now is excitement. Just a few more hours and I’ll finally be on my way to the other side of the world.

But today? Today is about Greenlake.

One last walk. One last sit in my old back yard. My “terrarium.”

Greenlake is a place that has left a mark on my heart. It is the setting of so many days and so many nights for me. Rain or shine…sometimes even snow.

Countless books have been read here. In my ‘terrarium,’ I knew the exact spot to sit to get the longest amount of sunlight.

Hundreds of walks – solo and with friends. Deep conversations were had while next to the water. Pages of journal entries were written here.

Softball games, 5K’s, and naps. All here.

I was here so frequently, I knew who the regulars were. Some of them knew me as a regular, too. We’d acknowledge each other with a smile and a head nod.

I’ve watched ducks grow up here. I’d come here during my darkest days and find glimmers of peace. I felt like I grew here, along with the ducks.

I’ve walked in the pouring rain here, swam here, and I’ve even walked on the Lake.

Sunsets, sunrises, and even moon sets.

So many encounters with my Spirit Animal.

I have unconditional love for this Lake – it is spectacular in all seasons. In full color and black and white.

Thank you, Greenlake.

You were the water that nourished my soul.

You are the reason I bloomed.


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