Change of Plan, Change of Plane

Monday, August 14th, 2017

I’m supposed to be on a plane right now…

Instead, I’m laying on a couch with a bag of peas pressed against my jaw, and I’m on a diet of tomato soup and ice cream. The dentist who pulled my tooth on Saturday was convinced I could easily go on a plane the next night, but oh how wrong this assumption was. I can barely talk or smile, I’ve got a sore throat, stuffy nose, and a nasty cough, and the worst nausea. Plus, my body definitely let me know that it does NOT like Vicodin. Sitting on a plane with a person 6 inches away from me for 12 hours would be a terrible idea at this point.

Thankfully, it was very easy to switch my flight. Wednesday morning will be my new departure! This gives me a couple more days to heal and I’m very happy about it. I managed to still get window seats and they even pre-ordered my meal – they recommended the fish since it will be the softest. 

So the countdown is still on. 2 more days….again. 

I did say I was going to go with the flow with this whole process. I wasn’t really expecting an emergency surgery, that’s for sure. But with this extra time I was given in Seattle, I was able to see my best friend Shayna for a hot minute and I’ll be able to see a couple other friends before I go. 

Now that the pain is almost nonexistent, I can laugh about this. I mean seriously…drive from Spokane to Seattle, straight to an emergency dentist to get my tooth pulled. Saturday was supposed to be about packing swimsuits, sunscreen, sundresses, and tank tops for paradise. Instead, it was needles, saws, clamps, and gauze in my mouth. Kiiiind of hilarious.

Ahhhhh, life. What will it bring next??

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