A twist…and a pull

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

And a twist to the plans that I was not expecting…

I alluded in the wee hours of this morning that a physical pain began and I was worried it would prevent me from getting on the plane in less than 48 hours.

A toothache. My worst nightmare.

It began Wednesday morning and never subsided. Do you want to know when the best time to have health insurance is? Right when you’re about to lose it… I truly feel like my mind went into hyperdrive and stressed about not having health insurance. I will have travel insurance, but nothing as comprehensive as what I had through KOMO. I checked and my last day with insurance was today. So I begged and I prayed for the pain to go away all week. It didn’t. In fact, it was so bad, it was all I could think about in my last few days at home. I didn’t really bring it up to anyone because I was that hopeful it was just temporary. Stupid me. I could barely taste my last few meals at home, I turned down my Gramma’s cookies (idiot!), and I could barely sleep due to the pain. 

This past night I barely slept at all. I just knew deep down something was wrong. So I got out of bed at 6am and took off for Seattle. I said goodbye to my parents and it was not how I was intending it to be. We said goodbye, but I honestly wondered if I was actually going to leave. Maybe I’d visit a dentist, they’d tell me I have to get my tooth pulled, I’d have to wait 2 weeks for it to be done, I’d sink into depression and wonder what the hell I was doing with my life, and I’d lose my belief in magic. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not two days before my grand adventure!

So I drove and tried to get lost in my music. It was really hard; my mind frequently wandered to the worst possible scenario: I wouldn’t go to Bali. I’d end up paying an arm and a leg. And I’d regret everything I’ve done the past 3 months.

I called the emergency dentist right when it opened and set my appointment. Deep breaths.

I arrived, stood outside the door, made a quick phone call and looked down. I know it says “BALL”, but to me, it was just the sign I needed at the time. I saw “BALI.” Ok, yes, I can do this. It’s going to be okay. A little hint of magic.

After pages of paperwork, I sat down and tried not to panic. They looked at my tooth and said they could give me an antibiotic, but that would just mask the problem. It would still cause me issues and I should get it pulled. They said they could do it right then.

What?! RIGHT NOW? Don’t I need to make appointments? Wait for a week? Have someone here to drive me home? Aren’t you going to put me under? Isn’t this a bigger ordeal?!?!

I told them I have a flight the next day…and my parking was going to expire in an hour.

“Not a problem. You can be on the flight and you’ll be out of here in no time.”

WHAT? Why is this so easy? I honestly thought maybe I was in some scammy office with dentists who aren’t actually dentists. They came by with a form that said it would only be $130. Today was my last day with insurance. It was either today…or worry the entire time I was in Bali.

I was terrified. Shaking, crying, and not happy.

It began. 4 tools in my mouth at once for almost an hour. The sound of the saw, the sight of seeing white gauze go in and red gauze come out, the smell of shaved tooth, and constantly trying to breathe and relax. 

Not what I was envisioning for the Saturday before my trip. After an hour, I was sitting up with gauze and stitches in my mouth. They’re still convinced I can go on a plane soon, no problem. We’ll see about that.

But I’m happy I did it. It sucks right now, but I know it would have been a lot worse if I didn’t get it checked out.

Now I’m sitting on a couch, watching Harry Potter, smelling corn and really wishing I could eat it…and the sting is beginning.

Keep crossing your fingers…I really hope they’re right about me being able to get on that plane!

Who gets their tooth pulled 2 days before they’re supposed to go to Bali?? I DO! I DO!

Ready for the beach…

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