The People

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Today is my last day at KOMO. It finally arrived…

Very bittersweet. It’s been 8 incredible years – starting as a little intern, growing into Programming, Sales, and finally Creative Services. This past week has been so busy, but so heartwarming and I’d love to write more…but this is all I have energy for at the moment…

There are a variety of reasons I am leaving work, some reasons are obvious (hello, BALI), and there are others I won’t get in to. But there is a reason I absolutely love KOMO. There is a reason I loved coming in to work every. single. day.

It’s the people.

Two years ago, we were about to unveil our brand new News set. My boss asked me to go around the station and take pictures of as many people as I could so we could have the photos appear on the HAM (Huge Ass Monitor). I loved this project because it was my way to sort of dive into photography – it was during this project I learned more about lighting, focus, and the infamous rule of thirds. I wasn’t all too great at taking photos, but it planted the seed for my interest in photography.

But I mainly loved this project because I got to interface with a lot of incredible people. I didn’t realize at the time how grateful I’d be to have these photos to remember my friends with.

My people.

Thanks for 8 incredible years. I will miss this place and these people so damn much.

Beautiful souls. I am so lucky.


  1. Gonna miss you so much Andrea. You were a joy to work with. I’ll be watching your journey as it inspires me for mine in the future. Bali Hi!


  2. Andrea! Thanks for being such a fantastic co-worker at KOMO. I’m grateful to have known you during your tenure there & how you are so friendly to everyone. I will enjoy reading about your new ventures in Bali

    Selamat bersenang-senang Andrea!


  3. First Friday without you here. Miss you and safe travels girly. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Be safe, be well, and enjoy this next ride. -xoxo


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