Big Table

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Over three years of Tuesday meetings with my Creative Services team. A morning meeting that always turned into light-hearted conversations and witty quips back and forth. 

A team (I like to call our team a family) of creative, intelligent minds that convene every Tuesday at Uptown Espresso. 1 drip, 1 white chocolate mocha, 2 Americanos, a hot chocolate, and a wildcard (usually a vanilla latte or chai tea). 

Over the years we’ve had over a hundred meetings. Pete would always text us when he got there after his walk from the bus.

“Big Table”

That’s all it took. A few minutes later, we’d all make our way to our favorite coffee shop with the green carpet and the “velvet foam.” We’d gather around the one big table, sip our fuel,  and talk about a mix of work and life. 

I’ll miss our Tuesday meetings.

It’s sloooooooooowly starting to hit me.

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