Just Around the Corner

Monday, July 31st, 2017

My last Monday at work… Still hasn’t hit me. Still a little confused as to why I’m not having many emotional moments. 

I did a last Starbucks run with Carmen and Sara; I had a last lunch with Wes; I canceled my membership at Modo Yoga; I walked out of work knowing I’d never experience another Monday in the Plaza again. 

I texted Heather telling her that I don’t know why my emotions are so blocked. She responded, “Just let it be. You’ll process this for sure, just not as you’d envisioned.”

She’s right. I promise to stop this whole “how come I’m not crying?!” response to everything and just….let it be.

And for a last Monday, it was pretty damn special. Sara visited just to take our traditional Monday Starbucks walk. Great way to set a positive tone for the week…

Sara’s last day: September 2015

Sara came back! July 2016

Sara’s last day…again! January 2017

Mo’s turn… July 2017


I’ve gotta be honest…none of this feels real.

Recently I wrote about how everything going on felt like minute 60 of a 75-minute Power Flow class. Work events, social engagements, commitments, and deadlines were like all the hardest yoga poses in one sequence while I’m resisting the temptation to get into child’s pose for the rest of class.

Thankfully I have passed minute 60.

Now I’m in minute 70. Happy baby pose and supine twist pose. There is still more to do and I refuse to succumb to “short timer syndrome,” but there is a comfort knowing that I’m almost there. 

Savasana, and Bali, are just around the corner…

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