Beauty Everywhere

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

This past weekend was spent in the Olympic National Park and it made me feel so grounded. I’ll share more of that incredible experience when I have a bit more time.

While in the Hoh Rainforest, I saw so many different types of flowers, trees, and forest creatures.

I was struck by this dandelion. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s perfect. Yet, we call it a “pesky weed” and purchase products to get rid of them. It makes me wonder, what other things do we look at and don’t even notice how perfect they actually are.

I thought of this dandelion when I drove by a homeless person this morning. A man with ripped up jeans and a dirty jacket was slumped over on the corner of Mercer Street, his bedroom, and people just walked right by him like he didn’t exist. Like he was a weed. He’s a human with a childhood and a favorite food and a unique laugh and an eye color. He needs love, but he is still perfect.

There is beauty in everything and everyone.

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