Life Is Good

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

Reasons for a happy weekend:

  • Finally no more packing, organizing, cleaning, or moving.
  • Happy Hour with my book club girlfriends.
  • Sunset over Lake Washington.
  • As I walked back from watching the sunset, I came across something I’ve always wanted to find: a feather from a Blue Heron! I had no idea where I was going to watch the sunset and ended up in a swampy field behind a condominium building. Good view, but very muddy. Completely worth it for that feather. Is that weird? Yeah, kind of weird. 
  • SLEPT IN! Haven’t slept in for months…
  • Took a long nap shortly after I woke up. My body is catching up on a year of no sleep.
  • Greenlake reading session. I wondered how it would feel going back to my “terrarium” once I no longer lived there…thought it would be strange to be a guest. Luckily, it’s still amazing as usual. I did forget where I parked, though. That will take time to get used to.
  • Burger on the deck. Can’t beat a homemade burger with Big Mac sauce.
  • Hike to Goat Lake. In Nature is where I feel happiest. It was the perfect Sunday for breakfast at an alpine lake.
  • Right now: sitting on the deck, relaxing my legs, and smelling dinner in the oven.

Life is good.

I hope you had a magical weekend, too.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there.” Lewis Carroll

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