Stars Aligning

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Less than 50 days until I’m on a plane to Bali…

Taking advantage of every. single. moment.

My biggest project at work is the Make-A-Wish Mileage Drive we hold every year. I have grown a deep love for Make-A-Wish and all that they do for kiddos with critical illnesses. We partner with MAW every year and raise miles for kids’ wishes. I’m sure I’ll write about MAW more as we get closer to the big day: August 3rd.

It was kind of ironic how everything lined up in regards to this drive and my big life change. When I was originally looking into one-way tickets to Bali, I had the month of August in my mind. The cheapest flight during the entire month happened to be a week after the mileage drive. All the stars aligned. I’d move out of my apartment, spend a good amount of time wrapping everything up, and my big “finale” would be “Wishes in Flight.” Meant to be.

Today was our promo shoot for the campaign – we had our main anchor fronting it with a little wish kid named Cataleya. Now this girl had some personality! She has a neurological brain disorder and has had a brain tumor since she was two-years old. She will eventually go blind, so she walks around with a mini walking cane to get familiar with it.

That cane did not slow this little girl down! She was running throughout Seattle Center and having us chase her every which way. She was hilarious and I loved spending the afternoon with her (plus sharing cotton candy with her!). The promo shoot was a success – after several bloopers, of course. Gotta love kids. She was a big fan of rolling her eyes and saying, “Ohhhhh brudder!!” I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

More importantly, I can’t wait for my last event at work to be one that grants so many wishes for other kids like Cataleya.

Wishes sure are about to be in flight!

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