Chance Encounter

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017


I scrolled through Facebook this morning and I came across a familiar face: Marilynn. Marilynn was the one I wrote about who I met at Pike Place Market and told me about the long path that leads to a rose garden. I remember when I saw her later in the morning by the Sculpture Park, she said that she couldn’t believe how open she was with me about her life. She felt embarrassed but I assured her that there was nothing to be embarrassed about and I was honored to hear her story.

It’s important for people to talk openly and honestly, strangers included. I think there’s something about our eyes, as strange as this may sound, that helps us connect. As soon as I look someone in their eyes, I get a feeling of whether I can trust them or not, instantaneously. Do you ever get that feeling? I trusted Marilynn and she trusted me, which generated a beautiful conversation. These types of encounters remind me that we’re all human, that we all have many struggles and many blessings, but most importantly, that we’re all in this crazy game called “Life” together. She told me that when her house was taken away from her, she wondered if something good would come from it. It was a devastating time for her, but if it weren’t for that experience, she wouldn’t be living in Pike Place Market now with a supportive community and the waterfront as her backyard. We both talked about the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s through conversations that this phrase is proven time and again. I knew there was a reason Marilynn and I were supposed to meet…

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