Walks and Talks

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Things are picking up… I’ve somehow managed to not get too overwhelmed with everything going on. I have faith that anxiety won’t strike me. I’ve been relatively productive with packing amidst the chaos; just like anything else, mentally preparing is what is preventing me from getting too stressed. I knew June would be a crazy month and this is being proven correct. My friend is staying with me for a couple nights so that made me hustle to make a big dent in packing. Knowing I have two weeks of dogsitting limits my time to continue the process of moving, so the pressure is on. Plus, it’s been extremely hard packing while the weather has been so nice so I walked the Lake about 5 times this past weekend to take little breaks (and to escape my noisy neighbor). Then today I offered to have my family friend who had a stroke stay at my place while I’m dogsitting. He can’t be on his boat for a while, so my place it is. Before he “moves in,” that’ll be even extra motivation to get things packed and out. Goodwill, I’m comin’ for ya!

But the best motivation in the world??? FINALLY BEING AWAY FROM NOISY NEIGHBOR!

7 more nights in my apartment and I’ll be FREE! I cannot express the excitement I have just thinking about finally getting a full night’s sleep. Like clockwork, I woke up to a large thud at 5am this morning – it’s almost as if he wakes up and says, “Let’s jump out of bed and stomp on the floor to wake Andrea up!” 7. More. Nights.

During these hectic days, it’s important for me to take breaks and breath. I walked over 25 miles this past weekend because walking is when I feel calmest. So when a couple of my friends asked if I wanted to walk the lake, I happily obliged. Taking advantage of every moment I can while I’m still a few blocks away from the Lake. I  also happened to have several fascinating conversations with some unique strangers during my solo walks this weekend.

My favorite snippets:

  • Mary: “I visited a psychic and he told me the planet is going through a transition. The third eye is meeting the crown chakra and everyone is becoming more intuitive. People are tuning into themselves and becoming more aware.” Hmmmm, I don’t really think this is wrong…
  • Overheard: “Technology is wiping out our brains!”
  • Chandler: “I wish people would like me for me and not because I drive a Bentley or own a house on Mercer Island.” I replied to him that maybe he shouldn’t bring those things up in the first conversation… Made me laugh.
  • Marilynn: I was at Pike Place Market and Marilynn and I started talking by the Fish Wall. She lives in the senior housing development and she told me her story of how she ended up there. We talked for about a half hour and then she started her morning walk. She told me about the path that walks along the Olympic Sculpture Park and continues along the water, ending up by a rose garden. I’ve been to the sculpture park many times, but never beyond it. I told her I would check it out. After I wandered through the Market before it woke up, I decided to do the walk (hint: if you go the Market before 8am on a Sunday, you’ll have the gum wall and fish all to yourself). I ran into Marilynn again as she was returning and she gave me a big hug and said, “You were serious!” Guess I am serious about my walks… How had I never done this walk before?? I was blown away by the small rose garden. I was grateful for that encounter.

I reflect on these moments and especially my times alone in my current city and feel peace. This is a wild month and there are no signs of slowing down. That’s why walks are essential – seems like time doesn’t exist while I’m walking and looking at the world around me. Maybe this is what that psychic was talking about…

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