Day: May 31, 2017

Back to Basics

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Time to tackle the beauty drawers. Years of accumulated makeup, hair product, and various accessories.


  • The green foundation stick I bought (yes, green) because a magazine said it covered zits better (it did, but instead of seeing a zit, you only saw green. Hmmm).
  • Multiple products with glitter – lotion, bronzer, even mascara.
  • Headbands with bows and flowers I bought back when I worked at Weldon Barber…ELEVEN YEARS AGO.
  • Peanut butter flavored chapstick. Tested it again, didn’t taste like peanut butter anymore…or maybe it never really did.
  • About 100 bobby pins. Anyone need any bobby pins??
  • Bright pink lipstick that Lindsay Lohan used to wear. I used to want to look like Lindsay Lohan. Fact. I am ashamed, but it’s the truth.
  • 50 shades of grey eye shadow.

I couldn’t believe how much shit I’ve held onto. And WHY? Moving out of my apartment sure is stressful, but it’s probably the best thing for me, in more ways than one. Feeling cleaner, lighter, and more…

As I threw out bags of makeup and products I stopped using years ago, I was thinking about the vivid dream I had while in Bali. I was with a girl who had long hair extensions, fake nails, an unnatural tan, and a looot of makeup on. I’m not sure who the girl was, but it may have been the old me. She looked at me with a concerned look in her eyes and asked, “Is all this too much??” In my dream, I replied after a short pause, “We don’t put bows in trees.”

I woke up right after this moment and the dream stuck with me while I was in Bali. I thought it was kind of silly, but also somewhat profound. Nature is beautiful just the way it is. No frills; all natural.

On the third night of my trip in Bali, I wrote my very first poem, inspired by this dream.

She asked me, “Is it too much?”
I saw extensions of her natural beauty.
Additions to what was already perfect.
Cover-ups to what she thought were flaws.
I replied, “We don’t put bows in trees.”

Feels good to do some more shedding. Getting back to basics. Back to me.