Day: May 29, 2017

Right Place, Right Time

Monday, May 29, 2017

There is so much I could write right now about this weekend, but I want to try to keep it short and sweet.

Do you ever have those experiences where you feel like you’re completely in the right place at the right time?

I was meant to arrive early to Roslyn and enjoy a beer at a little cafe. Oddly enough, the color of my eyes sparked a conversation with a couple at another picnic table. Bill and Valerie. They know a colleague of mine – who happens to be the one whoย sent out the e-mail about Bali. They asked for my info so they can contact me when they decide they want to go to Bali. Just like I had received a sign to go to Bali, it was special knowing that I may have been this couple’s sign.

Once the caravan of friends showed up to Roslyn, it felt like we were meant to continue on and wander around looking for the rest of the group already set up near Salmon la Sac. The directions weren’t clear and we never did find the other group, so we found our own campsite as the sun was setting. It was perfect – completely out of the way from other sites and just a stone’s throw away from the water.

Two nights of delicious campfire food, guitars, singing, laughter, and peaceful ventures to the middle of the lake.

Then the star of the weekend: sweet Matilda. She was the cherry on top.

I’ve gone camping with my friend Rikki several times, and it’s becoming one of my favorite yearly traditions. Every time I’m around her, I am always in the right place at the right time. In the past, we’ve always camped along rivers. This year, we camped on a lake.

A couple of weeks ago, my second cousin’s dog wandered away from her home, likely to find his final resting place. Cooper had lived a full life and I’ve heard that dogs often know when they’re ready to go, so they walk somewhere far away to go to sleep one last time. When I saw Kris last, she said she envisioned Cooper in a meadow next to a big pond or lake in the sun.

The lake that I camped at this weekend was called Cooper Lake.

Right place, right time.