Day: May 17, 2017

With Happiness

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Last night, I went to a yoga class taught by one of my favorite teachers. I could write and write and write about the magic of yoga, and I’m sure I eventually will. But I want to focus on one little nugget of wisdom I gained from last night’s class.

My teacher, Brandon, said something that stood out to me. I thought about it through the rest of the class and even through the evening.

Then today, I was eating lunch and one of my favorite co-workers, Cindy, sat down across from me and ate her Cheeto’s while we chatted about life. As we were talking, she said something that rang a little bell in my mind. I had recently heard the same phrase, but it took me a few moments to remember when. I then mentally transported back to when I was sitting in pigeon pose less than 24 hours prior listening to Brandon utter the same words. What a coincidence.

The fact that I heard the same phrase so close together means it’s important. I’m paying attention to this little “sign.”

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

The rest of my yoga class after hearing that quote, I breathed deeper and I softened my movements. I thought of why I was in that class. Why I was willing to be dripping in sweat, pushing myself to the point of almost giving up, stretching so far my legs were yelling at me to break the pose. I was in that class because yoga makes my soul happy. Wisdom is gained through the struggle and I always end class a little bit stronger.

Then after hearing the phrase again during lunch, I went throughout the rest of my day with a lifted spirit. I connected with people. I listened. I was empathetic. I was also a little bit calmer – the yoga and the new piece of wisdom was still resonating in my mind.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

With passion. With love. With happiness. With everything.

At least that’s what I’m choosing…

How ’bout you?