Day: May 9, 2017

Word Travels Fast

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Word that I’m resigning (ahhh, that feels so weird to say!!) quickly made it around the station. I’ve been trying to tell people in person when the time is right. There hasn’t been an official e-mail yet because it seems a bit premature to send a station-wide e-mail announcing that I’m leaving…in 3 months. Too soon. I’ve built a lot of wonderful relationships here, so it’s important that I have conversations instead of them hearing through the grapevine. But in a place like a TV station, it’s inevitable that the news will travel through one of the many grapevines whether I like it or not.

I started getting e-mails titled, “Did you resign??” Colleagues approaching me at my desk asking if the rumor is true. Texts from old co-workers that somehow got wind of the news asking for an update. And people joking that I should go back to Bali and stopping in their tracks when I say, “Actually, I am!” It’s been really interesting noticing all of the different types of reactions, too. Pretty much every single reaction has been positive with lots of hugs and shouts of excitement. There are also a lot of people who are baffled by the fact that I’d just quit my job without another one lined up. Understandable; I’d probably react that way too. But what my trip to Bali taught me is that we’re not forced to follow the timeline that society expects of us. It’s natural to go to college, get married, buy a house, have kids, and then retire. I hope to eventually experience all of those milestones in my life…eventually. This is the time when I need to shake it up and challenge myself. I used to not believe this, but I do now: anything is possible.

Here are the most common reactions and my responses:

“I KNEW it! I KNEW you’d go back!”
I didn’t really hide the fact that I wanted to go back very well…

“Can I come visit?”
YES! Please! I want everyone to experience the magic of Bali!

“You’re a living ‘Eat, Pray, Love’!”
Maybe I should read that book now…

“What are you going to do while you’re there?”
Live. Learn how to scuba dive. Go with the flow.

“How are you going to make money?”
I’m not sure; I probably won’t make any money. It’s really tough for foreigners to get jobs in Bali unless they’re paid under the table. I’ve saved up a good amount of money, though. Bali is extremely cheap, so I will be able to last a few months without any sort of income, no problem.

“What are you going to do when you get back?”
I have no idea, and I love it. It’ll be complete freedom. I can get a job somewhere in the PNW, go home to Spokane or Coeur d’Alene and spend time with family, or do something else completely wild! Thankfully, I have incredibly supportive people in my life and I have a decent resume, so I don’t think I’ll have trouble picking life back up when I return.

“How long will you be there?”
I’m sort of planning on two months, but I really don’t know. I could get there and decide a month is all I need. Or perhaps I’ll stay even longer (if I’m lucky…). There’s no deadline – it’s impossible to say right now.

“You know…there is a difference between going somewhere for a vacation and going somewhere to live.”
Yes, I’m aware. That crosses my mind all the time and it was something I had to think about very hard leading up to my decision. But then my motto would always enter my mind whenever I had any sort of doubt: “WHY NOT?”
Why not just try it? Who says places like Bali are only meant for vacations?

[whispering] “Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it.”
Word to the wise, if someone is making a crazy big change in their life, DO NOT tell them to NOT do it! This person got in my head a little bit and I wondered if maybe I really shouldn’t do it, regardless of their sarcasm. Support is essential. It took a lot of guts for me to make this decision, so hearing, “Don’t do it” reminded me of that silly, little voice in my head called the ego. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to shut down my ego and listen to my intuition. What does my intuition say? “DO IT. No matter what anyone else says.”

[Giving me a look like I’m crazy]
Yup, I’m a little bit crazy… Care to join me??