Day: May 7, 2017

Oh, the Places These Shoes Will Go…

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I feel a little odd writing about purchasing a pair of sandals. Who cares about new shoes? But I’d like this site to be a space where I can write about anything and everything, including shoes.

Bali isn’t really a closed-toe kind of place, so I knew I needed some quality sandals. I love my Rainbows, but they aren’t the best option for walking miles and miles or in water. I ended up choosing these Tevas and I think my feet are pretty happy with my decision. They’re super lightweight and comfortable, but also durable and strong. As I look at them, I wonder what kinds of adventures we’ll go on together. They can’t stay pristine forever. They’re going to get dirty and I hope that I have some great stories behind each possible scuff or snag. Clean shoes = no adventure. Let’s get dirty!

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”
– Zen Proverb

The First Step

Sunday, May 7, 2017

3 months away… Seems like a long time, but there is SO much for me to do in order to get ready for this huge life change. The most stressful part for me right now is the fact that I need to move out of my apartment by June 30th. I’ve accumulated 5 years of crap in my one-bedroom apartment and basement storage unit, so before I can really get excited, I need to shed a lot of layers of things. What I’ve been wondering is if I should pack for Bali, then go through all the rest of my crap. I’m hoping to only take my travel backpack and two suitcases. Ideally, I’d only take one suitcase, but I know myself pretty well. One suitcase may likely be just for books! Aye, aye, aye, how am I going to do this?!

Here’s what I’m thinking as I begin the arduous process of moving:

Sort items into (1) Sell (2) Store (3) Give away (4) Take home. I have a feeling #2 will be the largest pile. I have someone who has offered me to store my stuff at her home…but I don’t think she realizes just how much stuff I’m going to have! I’ve looked into storage units in Seattle and I can rent one for about $30 a month. Might ease my mind a bit, but truthfully, I am hoping to have minimal monthly costs since I won’t have a steady income while traveling. This is when “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” will really come in handy.

Each item, I’ll ask, “Does this bring me joy?” My gut-reactions and intuition will tell me what to do with each item. I happen to be one of the most sentimental people on the planet, so this truly will be a test for me. But I’m ready for it. I’ll start a campaign for myself: “Shed the Shit!”

I was hoping someone I know would move into my place and that way I could offer to literally give them all of my furniture if they need. But since I have had the noisiest neighbor on the planet, I don’t want to subject anyone to a year of Hell like I’ve had. So now I’m trying to decide between selling everything via Craigslist, Facebook, or work e-mail. I think Craigslist may be easiest…

The hardest part is just beginning. I already grabbed a chunk of books that I can do without (Sorry, Tina Fey! I love you but I need to be very selective with what I keep!) and put them in a neighborhood “Little Free Library.” Shedding shit and possibly making other people happy! Win/Win!

3 short months…ready, set, GO!